The Artisan Istanbul MGallery - Roof MADAM NICA

Release date: 20.11.2020 15:04

Madam Nica is on the roof top of The Artisan Istanbul MGallery.  Artisanal kitchen of Madam Nica is the place where traditional recipes  meet the finest local ingredients. You are invited to experience the breathtaking view of Istanbul blended with the  tasty recipes created by the artisans of Madam Nica.

Madam Nica's story first started in Bozcaada in 2017.



All Lighting systems and garden awning motors were controlled by HDL Automation. According to the architectural design, comfort was provided with different ambient lighting in different areas. The desired scenarios were realized in the restaurant, which depends on the weather conditions, and the garden restaurant with Bosphorus view.



Since its establishment, Bozcaada flavors offered to many guests from around the world with the warmth of a home table inspired by nature and became one of the favorite places of the Aegean Coast.

No matter how much the world changes, no matter how fast life accelerates, we will continue to find the best product and explore the most delicious recipes of various food cultures that have passed through the land where we live and welcome our guests at our tables.

We set our tables with the simplest interpretations of traditional dishes cooked with the materials provided from trusted producers.



During the exchange and migration years,the only thing the old folks have brought with them may be the tastes in their memories.

Their recipes was revived by the materials they found in their new land...Nomadic tables, Levantine dishes, Sephardic Jews cuisine, Greek, Armenian, Cretan, Balkan and Ottoman dishes...

We just let these delicious memories meet at our tables...



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