Galliard Restaurant Metropol Istanbul

Release date: 02.11.2020 12:10

Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia, and it occupies a strategic location between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Istanbul is the most populous city and the economic, cultural, and historical hub in Turkey. The metropolis is not only full of museums, shopping malls, and world-class places of interest but also boasts many beautiful natural landscapes, such as Yildiz Park, Gulhane Park, Princes’ Island, Black Sea beach, Belgrad Forest, etc.



Galliard is a modern Turkish restaurant and lounge with a Mediterranean twist in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition to its distinctive food, Galliard showcases Renaissance art and music. When guests enter the restaurant, the first thing they see is its strong artistic style, with decorations like unadorned solid wood, Mediterranean marble, Venetian terrazzo, etc. These artworks show the unique creativity of Galliard.




HDL also made an appearance at the restaurant, which is known for its fine food and art. In the second half of this year, Galliard invited HDL Turkey to renovate the restaurant, including the design and implementation of the project. The restaurant opened in 2013, and its original lighting system has been unable to meet customers' demands for a more sophisticated dining experience.





Considering the actual needs of the restaurant, HDL Turkey made it a priority to renovate the lighting system in the dining area. The dining area uses HDL intelligent touch panel to control all the lights connected to the system. The user interface of the intelligent panel is simple, intuitive, so it’s easy to operate. It can also control other connected devices, such as curtains, air conditioners, heaters, and stereos, which is convenient for the upgrade of the smart system in the restaurant in the future.




The lighting system supports DALI dimming, which is currently the most advanced lighting control method available. It not only conforms to the dimming requirements of lamps of various types and large quantities in the dining area but also can realize the control and management of different scenes. Once the dinning area displays different works of art, plays different styles of music, or the guests have special needs such as proposal, appointment, dinner party, etc., the color, brightness, and color temperature of the on-site lights will change with different scenes, and this change can be realized by gently clicking and sliding on the screen of the smart panel.




Also, the office, bathroom, and other areas use HDL Tile series button panels to achieve simple on/off control. The restaurant electric stoves provide different heat for kinds of food, so they are controlled by on/off and step switch through customized panels.HDL Tile comprises a series of intelligent control panels with push-button keypads, OLED multi-functional panels, socket panels with USB ports, and emergency button panels. Its rectangular or square buttons are just like little tiles paved on the surface. HDL Tile can keep the walls in a consistent and beautiful look while meeting various requirements of functionality.



Smart lighting is an indispensable part of a smart building and one of the most important parts of the dining experience for guests. HDL smart lighting system not only helps Galliard restaurant to reduce energy consumption and improve control efficiency, but also creates a unique dining experience by adjustable energy-saving lamps, multiple scenes, and centralized and intelligent ways of controlling.

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