Primadent Dental Clinic in Slovenia

Release date: 02.11.2020 12:31

Slovenia is located in southern central Europe, which means "land of Slavs". Although it covers a small area, its various landforms and long history offer tourists a variety of natural and cultural landscapes. The Alps and Trigraf mountains stand quietly in the northwest corner of Slovenia, while historical and cultural cities such as Ptuj, Shkofiaroka and Priyamat Castle are also popular tourist destinations.








Primadent dental clinic lies in Koper city, Spodnje Škofije. It is a modern dental clinic with high-tech facilities and an experienced dental team. Primadent aims to be the best private dental clinic in central Europe and provide quality dental care at a reasonable price.




In order to provide a better medical environment for patients, Primadent started the intelligent retrofit of the clinic. HDL, with its reliable intelligent technology and customer-oriented service, became the provider of the intelligent building system of the clinic. In August, the intelligent renovation project of the clinic was completed.




At present, the clinic has realized the intelligent control of lighting, HVAC, music and scene. When the patient arrives at the clinic, the doctor just needs to click the button "treatment mode" on the wall panel, and the system will immediately adjust the brightness, color and color temperature of the light. It turns on the air conditioner, floor heating and central ventilation synchronously, and plays music at the same time. Preparations can be completed in one step, so that doctors do not have to rush and patients can be reassured to see a doctor.










The white Enviro intelligent touch panel matches with the iTouch intelligent panel. At the same time, it is the same with the overall concise and elegant style of the clinic.




Enviro is a panel with a 4.3-inch touch screen. With just a flick of your finger, you can effortlessly control lights, curtains, air conditioners, speakers etc, in its intuitive user interface.




The design of iTouch is simple and elegant. Its main body is made of high-quality aluminum alloy shell, and the front is covered with a piece of glass, which is equipped with touch buttons. This design can work perfectly with any decoration style.




In addition to these two attractive and powerful panels, the system can also be controlled by a mobile application called HDL ON. You can easily control all devices which connected to the system. HDL also gives the clinic more possibilities. As long as other devices are connected to the clinic, such as curtains, security cameras, TVs, door locks, etc., the smart features of the clinic will be further upgraded.




By using intelligent technology to accompany patients to see a doctor at ease, Primadent dental clinic fully demonstrates the importance it attaches to patient experience, the care and responsibility it has as a medical institution. Smart devices bring people real convenience and change people's lives. HDL provides you with smart building, smart home and smart hotel solutions, and brings you one-stop, integrated intelligent experience.

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