Vakko Patisserie Metropol Istanbul

Release date: 20.11.2020 14:38

Vakko is a leading luxury brand in Turkey with a chain of fashion shops specializing in scarves, menswear, women's wear, dresses, and other high fashion items. Vakko also owns brands including French pastry, chocolate, coffee, restaurants, etc., among which the high-end pastry concept Vakko Patisserie Petit Four is famous in Turkey for its exquisite appearance, delicious taste, and elegant French flavor.




While each Vakko store insists on the brand philosophy of "maintaining quality excellence," it also offers unique experience in other ways.



Vakko Patisserie is located in downtown Istanbul. Next door is Vakko Boutique, which makes it easy for customers to gather with friends, sit, chat, and sip coffee in peace after shopping. The way Vakko Patisserie improves the customer experience is to increase the level of intelligence in the store by applying HDL intelligent lighting solution to create a more comfortable atmosphere for customers.




Imagine these scenarios: In summer, the cold lights calm the customers down unconsciously. In cold winter, the whole space is filled with warm light and customers can feel the warmth in the dessert shop. When one sits alone, the bright lights dispels his or her lonely feeling; when lovers are on a date, the dim lights complement with their gentle talk.



All these scenarios can be realized through HDL smart panel, Granite Display, to make the lights show varied characteristics to meet customers’ needs, including brightness, color temperature, color, etc.; or to control the state of multiple lamps at the same time to form different scenes. Take the "leave" scene as an example, with only one click on the touch screen, one can turn off all lamps and lanterns in the store. It is not only intuitive and convenient but also saves the tedious work of pressing switches everywhere.





Vakko Patisserie not only provides elegant French pastry but also adds some smart elements to the store. The colorful lighting scenes make the lighting "understand" the mood of the customers better, and make Vakko Patisserie a better place for local residents to stay and relax.

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