Dubai Smart Salem Medical Center

Release date: 02.11.2020 18:01

What remind you most of Dubai? Maybe it’s the world’s highest skyscraper Burj Khalifa? Or the world's unique seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab? Or the world's largest artificial island, Palm Island? Or countless extravagant legends...As a much-anticipated Arabic city, as well as the center of trade and commerce in the Middle East, Dubai usually beats our expectation. It is for this reason that Dubai's medical sector has attracted global attention these years.


Smart Salem Medical Center is the first medical institution in Dubai that is both artistic and futuristic. It aims to provide a paperless, seamless, simple and efficient environment for customers of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and General directorate of residence and foreigners (GDRFA). Let’s experience the beauty of smart building and enjoy a trip of travelling to the future!


Stepping into the hall, there is a dark blue curtain of lights with a group of pictures of galactic planets and white lights shining like an electrocardiogram, presenting artistic atmosphere and a sense of technology to the visitors. The hall is filled with light music, soft lights and sunlight blend with each other, and the room temperature is just right; all these enable people to feel the comfort. The glass around the consulting room is transparent with light color. After entering the consulting room, the light will be turned on, the door will be closed, and the glass will become impenetrable. There is no need to worry about the privacy. The medical test starts in such pleasant surroundings.




How did the engineers at HDL Dubai install the overall smart system for Salem Medical Center to create such an enjoyable experience?


First, multifunctional panel with both exquisite appearance and high performance. The panels installed in this project include DLP and iTouch, which are fixed in the clinic room and on the wall of the hall respectively. The keys are light gray and the border is made of aviation aluminum alloy, which perfectly fits the simple and scientific style of the medical center. The engineers customized icons, texts and buttons for the doctors. The colors, pages, and scenes are also configured according to the specific needs of the medical center.




With merely one panel, you can control overall or part of the area. iTouch controls lights, doors and glass in each clinic room, while DLP controls lighting, music and air conditioning throughout the center. In the past, people used various remote control to regulate different devices. Today, panels have freed us from trivia with a centralized and efficient way of controlling over devices.




Second, personalized scene mode. Comprehensive control of music, lighting and air conditioning can be saved as favaorite mode, which requires only one key to start. The office area can set meeting mode, screen mode, away mode, etc. The operating room can set operation mode, daily mode, etc. The privacy mode of the consulting room includes integrated control of the door, light and glass, creating a private treatment space for the customers.




Third, energy-conserving and cost-saving. According to a survey, lighting and air conditioning account for 70% of the total energy consumption in public buildings, so most attention is put into these two types of equipment in this project. In the lighting system, motion sensors can detect the movement of objects. When no one passes by, the power-saving mode would be switched on and the light brightness would be automatically reduced.


On the other hand, the brightness sensor can detect the intensity of natural light and make full use of it so as to maintain constant light and save energy. In addition, the thermochromic glass outside the consulting room can change color according to the heat of the sun. It is difficult for the high temperature but easy for the low temperature outside to pass through the glass. Therefore, the indoor temperature can be adjusted adaptively to reduce the air conditioning load and save energy.




Fourth, protect privacy and show humanistic care. Through privacy scene, the door is closed, lights are turned on, and the smart privacy film is switched on synchronously, which instantly changing the inner layer of glass from transparent into opaque. In this way, customers feel safe when they come to this clinic.




Fifth,there are two control terminals. HDL integrates service robots, and can be controlled through panels and robots. Robots can send command to the system using UDP to open doors of the laboratory and patient rooms; they can also set temperature of the room by reading the data of sensors.






HDL intelligent system is just like a magic wand, bringing us the experience of time travel. Actually, the core of technology or medicine is people. We should always focus on people. The HDL engineers may be just a glimmer of light, but we are still working hard to create a better living space for people, which is the same with medical professionals who devote themselves to human health.


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