Ecuador Villa

Release date: 02.11.2020 17:59

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, has pleasant weather all year round. The villa in this case is located in this city, whose owner lives a carefree life with the help of smart home appliances. Here the owner can not only enjoy himself together with nature but also can fully experience the sense of technology and comfort brought by the smart home.






The villa has two floors and covers an area of nearly 1,000 square meters, including a living room, a dining room, a study, a TV room, four bedrooms, a bathroom, and an elevator. There is a garden at the gate which is covered with grass. The outdoor medium-sized swimming pool is a good place for parent-child entertainment and relaxation. The entertainment area beside can be used for barbecue, scenery, or chat.




HDL smart home system covers all areas of the villa, achieving the comprehensive control of lighting, HVAC, garage doors, music, curtains, security, scene, TV, irrigation, swimming pool, etc.


Intelligent light control


The system can realize automatic control of lights by sensors. Sensors in the hallway or at the bedside automatically turn on lights in the area when they detect a passer-by, therefore they can be used to control the lights during the night. When you are thirsty or want to go to the toilet at night, once you pass the bedside sensor, the lights in the living room, toilet, and main aisle will turn on immediately without the need of searching for the switch panel in the dark.




Meanwhile, the system can realize the adjustment of light color, brightness, and color temperature. Lights can also be linked to other home appliances for the owner to create different scenes with different atmospheres.


Intelligent HVAC control


Temperature and humidity sensors can feel the temperature in the bedroom and turn on or off the air conditioner when the room is too hot or too cold to keep the room at a constant temperature. This ensures comfort and reduces energy consumption to save family expenditure.




Intelligent music control



HDL has installed stereo systems in the dining room, living room, and master bedroom, according to the specific needs of the owner. When you get up in the morning, a light tune wakes your family members up and starts an energetic day.




When your friends get together, a happy song makes the atmosphere more cheerful. On your wedding anniversary, a romantic song sets off a gentle atmosphere to makes this day more special.


Intelligent curtain control


In the morning, the curtain opens slightly, giving a few strands of early morning sunshine. There is no need for you to get out of bed to open the curtain, and no need to face the dazzling bright. HDL smart curtain can control the ratio of opening and closing of the curtain so that the brightness of the light is "just right".




The curtain can’t only be controlled through the panel, the phone, but also can be pulled directly by yourselves.


Intelligent garage door control


You can also control the garage door by the phone. Not only can the owner open and close the garage door with a click of the phone as they enter or leave the garage, he or she can also remotely open and close the garage door for his or her relatives and friends, or ask a delivery man to leave goods in the garage.




Intelligent security control


Kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms were among the worst-hit for security accidents. The system detects key areas through a smoke alarm, gas leakage sensor, water leakage sensor, etc. When the possible danger is detected, these sensors interconnect with the music player for alarm sounds and sends a message to inform the owner to deal with the danger promptly.




The system is also equipped with cameras, smart locks, and door sensors in key areas such as doors and windows to jointly protect the security of the home. When there is no one at home, if someone forcibly opens the door or window, the owner will receive real-time notification from the mobile APP.


Intelligent scene control


HDL is preloaded with different scenes according to the owner's needs. Common scenes in the living room include movie mode, back mode, away mode, party mode, etc. Common scenes in the restaurant include dining mode, romantic mode, etc.






Bedroom scenes include sleep patterns, wake up patterns, reading patterns, and so on. Sleep mode turns off all lights, closes curtains, and adjusts the appropriate temperature of air conditioning to help family members fall asleep more quickly.


Intelligent TV control


TV adopts infrared coding, which has a strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption. The TV can be controlled by infrared remote control, mobile phone, panel, and voice command, and can meet the different needs of the elderly, children, and adults at home.




Intelligent irrigation control


The irrigation of the garden can also be intelligently managed to realize automatic watering and regular watering. The owner uses a mobile phone to activate the irrigation system and control every sprayer in the garden, which not only saves time but also enables the standardized watering of plants.




Intelligent pool control


The outdoor swimming pool realizes the function of light control and automatic water change through the system. The lighting effect of the pool can change the swimmer's mood and help them relax during exercise. Automatic water change can effectively save time and keep the water clean to protect the health of the family.




Multiple control modes


The control mode of the smart home system includes intelligent voice control, mobile phone control, and intelligent panel control. The system is integrated with Alexa AI assistant, which can be controlled by voice via the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Family members simply call, "Alexa, turn on the TV," or "Alexa, play some music," and the system will automatically turn on the TV and play music. Not only can Alexa follow voice commands, but it can also report the weather, set an alarm, and schedule your day.




A mobile phone application is also a very convenient way to control. Owners can keep track of the situation at home through HDL ON APP at any time, such as setting the defense mode, checking the real-time dynamics of family members, remote control of home appliances, and other equipment.




The system can also be controlled by three HDL intelligent panels, namely, Enviro, DLP, and iTouch. Redundancy in the control mode ensures that devices in the home can be properly controlled even in the event of a network failure. At the same time, different control methods also show respect for the use habits of family members at different ages.







The owner can comprehend the beauty of the countryside, and can also experience the advantages of technology in every detail of life.




Although the current smart home can’t meet all people’s fantasy, it can be integrated into the user's family, including decoration style, living habits, family members, and other aspects. HDL does not deliberately pursue cool effects but assist users to enjoy the intelligent lifestyle, improve the quality of life and family happiness.



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