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Release date: 02.11.2020 18:01

Speak of Israel, people would always think of Holy City, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not only the religious center in Israel, but also the capital and political center. However, according to an analysis report, 2019 Global Top 500 cities released by Global City Lab, Tel Aviv ranks as the 47th most valuable city. Though Tel Aviv is rarely known, but it’s definitely the economic and scientific center in Israel.




Tel Aviv locates in the Western Israel, with the Mediterranean coast and the Red Sea as its neighbors in the North and South respectively. Tel Aviv was referred to as “Tell of Spring” in Hebrew language. Instead of a small picturesque town, it’s a prosperous international metropolis today in which most of Israeli high-tech corporations lies. 




High-tech is shown in each detail of this city. HDL Israel renovated the devices in the top 34 floor of a luxury apartment in the most iconic hi-end towers in the Tel Aviv Center, which demonstrates how artificial intelligence changes people’s lifestyle. 




The previous system in the dormitory has been put into operation for over 10 years, in which the old-fashioned wall boxes and circuit boards cannot satisfy the homeowner’s requirement for higher quality of life. During a system breakdown, HDL Israel team was delegated to design and carry out the replacement of old system with a smart whole-home one in a short time, which enables the all-in-one control of lighting, audio & video, security, shading and air conditioning etc. The new system has a big advantage over the former one. 


Elegant and minimal appearance
The apartment applied HDL proprietary Buspro and Buspro Wireless series products, including panels, curtains and controllers etc. These devices present a minimal and elegant style, which is in accordance with the original decoration.  




DLP Panel with classic sense of beauty
33 DLP panels were installed in this project. They are in harmony with the surroundings perfectly, no matter in the wooden kitchen, the pure white bedroom or in the drawing room with wall of gray stripes, adding aesthetic feeling to the interior design.




Integral and efficient control
The whole house is under control of the homeowner with merely one panel. You can manage the whole system of lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, audio-visual and entertainment, security, instead of hesitating to choose a remote control.




Control with voice commands
The new smart home system is of high compatibility. It is integrated with Apple Home Kit, so it’s convenient to fully control devices by using voice assistant Siri.




Customized design of panels
Every aspect in the project is customized according to customers’ habits and specific needs, from DLP labels for each room, to panel frames to retrofit old wall boxes with HDL panels.




Whole-home intelligence with various scenes
Every member of the family is detected by location, so the system will initiate customized scenes for light and shades when he steps in or out of the room.




Real-time monitoring with top-notch technology
The apartment is equipped with wired and wireless top-notch network, based on which security cameras were put into practice. The camera differs from traditional ones. It can quickly store videos, which enables homeowners to check real-time records at any time and feel secure when going outside.




Amid the bustling city in the center of Tel Aviv, the 34th floor luxury apartment is rather quiet. After a busy day, the homeowner is able to enjoy a free and smart experience. High-class user experience speaks for itself. Where can we gain a smart life? It’s our choice to let products endorse themselves. Next time, we expect to serve you and your smart life.

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