Moscow Beijing Gardens Apartment

Release date: 02.11.2020 18:00

In the movie Avatar, director James Cameron created a magic world where everything connects with each other. Na'vis communicate with banshee by using their braids. They also use telepathy to connect with trees, plants and other creatures.




Some readers expressed their excitement as well as bewilderment, wondering how they can realize the connection of everything. Where is Pandora? Where to find a banshee?Actually, it’s just a step away from you to your dream world. What you need is only a smart home system. However, netizens complain that they have no house luxurious enough to install the system.




People are told that only large villas are suitable for smart home, but it’s apparently  not the truth. Smart home fits small apartments well, too.




Beijing Gardens apartment, which is located in the downtown of Moscow, achieved functions including shading, lighting, multi-room audio, TV control, home cinema, HVAC, water leakage protection and visual intercom by using HDL proprietary Buspro system. 




The apartment covers an area of 60 square meters. It includes a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room.




What is a smart home like? The moment you come back home and open the door, “back mode” will be turned on for you automatically. The lights in the living room turn on successively, enabling you to feel soft and natural lights instantaneously.




With both multi-function and attractive appearance, HDL Granite smart switch, which is installed alongside the door, can control all the electronic appliances in the living room.




You lie down on the sofa exhaustedly after a whole day’s hard work. At this time, your only wish is to listen to some music and relax yourself for a while. Oops, the switch seems to be too far away from you. Luckily, your telephone is right at your hand to help you!




The air conditioning, ventilation, music and gentle lights are switched on, the curtain is closed, leaving an exclusive quite space just for you.




Usually there is no one at home at daytime on weekdays, you may probably worry about the safety of water and electricity, what should you do? You can turn off appliances remotely. Besides, once water leakage is detected, the system will inform you by sending you instant messages. HDL is at your service any time!






During weekends when you go out to a party or a tour, what to do with friends who come to visit? HDL integrates a third-party video door bell, allowing you to send a virtual key to them.




On the weekend evening, you want to enjoy your private time with the telephone switched off. Home cinema provides you with top-notch immersed entertainment.




Readers may wonder why the apartment is so rich in functions in spite of the limited space. According to the designers, they make full use of the existing venues to integrate smart home devices into users’ living space and create a simple style but ubiquitous effect.




No matter the TV on the top corner of the living room, the projector under the ceiling in the bedroom, the speaker and the air conditioning embedded in the wall, are subtly designed.




In this era of connection, smart home has experienced great development. As an established company in smart home industry, HDL always put customers’ demand in the first place. Whatever kind your house belongs to, luxurious villa or small apartment, there is always one HDL smart home solution just for your needs! 

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